Boating the Mediterranean.

Island hopping in the Mediterranean. Big boat, small boat, sail boat, motor boat, small yacht, Super Yacht, whatever your pleasure.

Fun and relaxing.


See Italy by sea, it’s 4,720 miles of coast line and 35 little islands, inhabited little worlds with a rich history dating back to the prehistoric times houses the most important Prehistoric museum. It is surprising to find that just a 20 minute boat ride can take you from rich city living to natural beauty and the wealth of nature. Big boat, small boat, whatever your pleasure, we have the skippers who also cook the catch of the day for you. The waters are warm and enticing, the food is simple and fresh and yummy and the wine is nectar made by the gods.
If you enjoy the sea and nature and serenity, but also find interest in culture and history and the real stories of Mythology this is your trip.
Remember, Rome and Florence, or Capri are just a boat ride away.
A different experience from the Bahamas.
Swim, snorkel or dive. Enjoy life !!


Pack your bathing suit and sandals and come with Laila.


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