Deep Sea Diving Adventures

War of the gods in Olympus and 7 beauties adorn the waters of Italy.
Zeus finally got Juno, his wife, fiercely angry for his constant flirting with all the young goddesses up in Olympus. This time they were 7 beautiful sisters.
One was more beautiful than the other.
She angrily throws them down from Olympus. They landed close by in a miraculous location near the coast of Sicily. These beautiful sisters are: Lipari, the oldest, more mature, the one that englobes every miracle of the god’s creation; Vulcano, who is always steaming hot; Salina, who is well endowed with her breasts protruding from the sea; Panarea, undoubtedly the most colorful and fragranced of the beauties; Stromboli, constantly wild and in eruption; Filicudi, almost all wild as her beauty; Alicudi, totally wild.


The waters are warm year around because these sisters are vulcanic islands waiting for us to visit and enjoy their generosity and their good food and local wines.
Diving here is not just among flora and fauna, but also among the archeological treasures of times past.


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