Venice Carnival.

Romantic, elegant and timeless, it is the pride of the City of Canals. Since 1296.


But, what is Carnival exactly? It is everyone’s party: for the rich and for the poor.
With little or lots of money you can enjoy the parties of Carnevale in Venezia.
It is a unique experience, the only one of its kind. Its particularity is that it is lived in its streets. Pick up a simple face mask and join the fun and parties; animation, games, special effects, dancing in St. Mark’s Square. Or, play it big and rent your own palace on the Grand Canal and throw your own parties. The exclusive world wide parties are at Carnival Time in Venice.
In 1296 the Republic of Venice decreed officially the first Carnival and the biggest feast day was the day before Lent, Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras).
The most exclusive parties world-wide take place at this time in Venice.
We only live once, lets enjoy it !!!

Follow me and discover the real Italy and the fine art of living…
Do it like an Venetian!  What is your fancy???

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