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The city of Renaissance


The David is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created between 1501 and 1504 by Michelangelo

Follow me to Florence, one of the world’s most elegant and beautiful cities, where Renaissance design and suttle soft colors and the pureness of form was born.
It is the city of Dante, of Petrarch, of Boccaccio, of Macchiavelli, the cradle of the Renaissance. Here everything remains unspoiled and unaltered.
Walk with me in this city where Michelangelo sculptured the “David”, where Dante wrote “the Inferno” of the Devine Comedy and thus defining hell for of Christianity and gave birth to the Italian language.
This is the city of the origin of the first banks and where Macchiavelli wrote “The Prince” ( the end justifies the means). Florence is the city of famous aristocratic families such as the Pitti, Strozzi, Pazzi, Medici, Peruzzi and where Savonarola offered up his life in flames, a martyr to political hatred and fanaticism.
This is the city of Giotto’s Bell Tower, Ghiberti’s Baptistry doors, the Uffizi, the Academy and for 3000 years the gold and leather capital of the world.
“We must dearly love Florence, for she is the mother of all those who live by thought; we must study her without ceasing, for she offers us an inexhaustible source of instruction.“ – Charles Yriarte –

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