See Naples and Die.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, journal entry 3 March 1787.


Castel dell’Ovo (Castrum Ovi) is a seaside castle in Naples

Naples is a rich geothermal area, rich in abundant eruptions, rich in passions and in history, home of the sacred and of the profane.
This is a land that has inspired writers and musicians and painters the whole world over.
The eruption of the vulcano Vesuvius revealed history we otherwise would never have known.
Music, sunshine and love best describe the feeling and the tradition of the Neapolitans.
Naples is a permanent Italian theatre.
Vesuvius, the volcano that erupted in 79 AD and covered Pompei and Herculaneum reclines on the shores of the welcomig Bay of Naples. If you follow me, I will take you to the best pizza in the world. Naples is where “pizza“ was born.
The Bay of Naples is a natural theatre rich in mythology and charme. Only when one sees it can one understand why Goethe said “See Naples and die“.


Gulf of Naples – Vesuvius

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