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Come with me to Classic Italy, Hidden Italy and Italy of timeless dimensions
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For more than 20 years FollowLaila has been organizing personalized trips for a loyal community of customers who, year after year, trip after trip, have become a great family of enthusiasts of Italy. I guide them to discover the most authentic and exclusive corners of this wonderful country, living unique experiences and creating unforgettable memories

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My personalized touch of travel planning is what makes FollowLaila a success story

Why does everyone want to come to Italy?

Because it is welcoming, beautiful, relaxing, smiling and friendly. You immediately feel at home. You feel all your troubles go away and every day is a party. Let’s escape and see its beauty and charm. We will visit the exclusive places, the unknown places, the marvels of Italy

Do it like an Italian with FollowLaila!


FollowLaila's Professional Tour Guides and Travel Assistants are Government Certified and have passed rigorous examinations


FollowLaila offers quality and incredible destinations ensuring your Italy visit will be outstanding

Travel Support Team

FollowLaila's Team is made up of highly qualified Professionals that share her passion of sharing real Italy

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Riproduci video

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