Castel Gandolfo: a unique cooking experience and lunch on the Pope’s Farm

A real Vatican-Day full of surprises, history, art and beauty and the Pope’s good organic food prepared by you.

“” celebrates years of success in collaboration with “Inrome Cooking” at the Pope’s Farm in Castel Gandolfo

The Papal Summer residence rises on the origin of ancient Rome, Alba Longa, the capital of the Latin League, so one of the tales of the origin of Rome 3000 years ago.

Then in the 4th cent. BC the Etruscan carved an emmissary in the lake to keep control of its waters since the lake is an extinct vulcano. Then in the 1st century AD Emperor Domitian built his palace on tha very same spot.

In the middle ages it was a monastery and then a Feudal Landship belonging to the Gandolfi Family until 1596 when Pope Clement VII decided to turn it into his summer residence.

It is at this point that the property transforms itself and by 1623 Pope Urban XIV started restructuring and Alexandrer VII hires Gian Lorenzo Bernini as architect and thus the beginning of the Papal Palace begins.

And in the 1700 under Pope Benedict XIII more restructuring.

In 1870, the date of the unity of Italy, the villa and grounds were abandoned.

When the Vatican was created as a neutral country in 1929 then the porperty became part of the Vatican country and the astronomical observatory was moved from the Vatican City to Castel Gandolfo.

This begins and new era for the Palace and grounds. The Popes make this their summer palace and a swimming pool is added by Pope John Paul II in the gardens along with the ruins of Emperor Domitians Palace.

Today you are invited to this location full of history and beauty and can visit and enjoy being part of its history.


Castel Gandolfo and the Pope’s summer palace and grounds

A cooking experience on the Pope’s farm and lunch

A personalized visit of the historic grounds and Palace

Shopping for organic products

Free time to visit the hilltop town of Castel Gandolfo before returning to Rome

Castel Gandolfo
is the Pope’s summer palace and private farm

A Day to Remember

We reach Castel Gandolfo by private vehicle from Rome.

By electric golf cart we cross the Vatican border and make our way to the Pope’s Farm.   We will be passing groves of 1400 olive trees, the oldest which dates back to the 1st Cent. A.D., also 1000 cypress trees, and chicken coops with 500 chickens and 300 roosters, 80 Frison Cows which give 1500 litres of milk a day to produce ricotta, yogurt, and cheeses, herb gardens and fruit trees, 4 flower green houses and 50 bee hives.

Our cooking experience starts and is followed by lunch, a truly organic lunch made by you.


After lunch is a leisurely visit of the property and Palace of the Pope. 

We pass ruins of the Palace and theatre of Emperor Domitian from the 1st, Cent. A.D.

We continue on and reach the elegant Barberini Gardens dating back to the 1600’s with a view that reaches the Mediterranean coast. 

As the day comes to an end we leave the 123,553 Acres of Vatican grounds and enter the town of Castel Gandolfo for a  visit before returning to Rome.

This is truly a day to remember.



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