Bagno Vignoni

It is like a dream and you are speechless.

Today I want to show you one of my favorite hidden jewels in Tuscany, Bagno Vignoni, a population of only 30 and a series of good eating places and fabulous natural hot springs already famous over 3000 years ago for healing.

To reach this “to die for” location you are obliged to drive one of the most fabulous Tuscan scenic routes that takes you across vineyards and sloping hills and castles lined by cypress trees and hilltop towns rich in history and art.

The streets are winding, you pass windmills, streams, farm houses, olive groves, wheat fields, hilltop towns and horse back riders slowly enjoying their stroll, farmers meeting at a crossroad with their tractors, bicycle riders softly travelling and admiring the views, locals out to find the miracle herbs in the fields, we can smell the fires in the farmhouses and the fragrances of foods slowly cooking on the fires in a terracotta pot.

Yes, this is hidden Tuscany. You would like to capture the scenery with your camera but you are too involved in just savoring its unreal beauty.

It is like a dream and you are speechless.

All of a sudden you go up a hill and find yourself in a tiny little town called Bagno Vignoni.

It is rare beauty and sublime atmosphere and… – here time has stopped.

The view from this hill is so appealing and the vapors of the hot waters are in the air and all of a sudden you are in a peaceful state of mind.

You are surrounded by stone buildings, some houses, some shops some restaurants, a general store, hotels and Bed and Breakfasts all surrounding the hot pool which is 118°F and the center square of the town.

All is built around it. Some buildings are Medieval and some early Renaissance. The vapors fill the air and the flower pots add to the natural beauty.

You are attracted by the source of water and its fumes. The ancient civilizations knew the powers of these waters that cured skin and joint diseases.

Magic waters rich in earthly alkaline bicarbonate sulphate. The ancient sophisticated Etruscans and later the Ancient Romans came to these miraculous waters to cure themselves and still today I have personally seen these waters cure and they also cured me.

You can follow walking paths, lunch in one restaurant and have dinner in another and an after dinner drink in the trendy Barretto lounge. The waters are great at night as well.

Today Bagno Vignoni is an Oasis of peace and a relaxing location with views of the Val’Orcia. Pamper yourself, visit the health center and partake of the miracle waters.

All the restaurants serve typical foods of Val D’Orcia and you are in the land of Brunello wines, excellent first squeeze cold press olive oil, truffles and Pecorino cheese. It is too good to be true and you will not want to leave. People are friendly and warmhearted and you will decide to stay another day.

After all, what is life.

Good food, friendly smiles, freedom of just enjoying the chirping of the birds and being stunned by the beauty of nature.

Be ready for the next surprise, another of my hidden treasures…


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