Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Capri

The land of Mythical Sirens and Jet Set society

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Sorrento, the land of the Tarantella, music and song, “Return to Sorrento” and “O Sole Mio”.

This is the haunted Sorrento Peninsula with its silver olive groves shimmering in the summer haze amongst Saracen look out towers recalling the Moorish influence.

The lemoncello perfumes the air and inebriates.

This is the land of mixed traditions, of arts and treasures: nativity scenes, cameos, corals, in laid wood.

This is the land that inspired writers and musicians and painters the whole world over for over 2000 years.


Positano is so picturesque that it looks unreal with its houses clinging to the hillside. The narrow streets lined with boutiques run downhill between the houses flowing onto the wide beach below.

Yes, it is a dream place, and it is yours.

The Arabesque influence on the Christian domed temples, the ceramics and the in-laid wood carvings and the relaxing atmosphere are truly the setting you are dreaming of.

Tarantella Folk Dancers


Around the corner is Amalfi, a powerful marine republic in the Middle Ages and the oldest producer of paper in Europe dating back to the Middle Ages and still today a thriving port rich in culture and natural beauty.

The port, the winding Street the Cathedral with its majestic architecture and importance of a Maritime Capital powers over the Bay. Up on the hill overlooking this historic and marvelous bay is Ravello and its Cathedral in a secluded garden with a breath taking view of all of the god’s gifts.

Amalfi Cathedral is a 9th-century Roman Catholic cathedral in the Piazza del Duomo


Capri is the most celebrated island in the world, here is the place where the Sirenes sang to Ulysses in the “Odyssey“.
It was the favorite of all the islands thousands of years ago and still is today.
Its shimering blue waters, its rich vegetation and perfumed air inibriate all those that come close to it.
I can walk you to Punta Tragara for a breathtaking view and then take you to the very top of Capri where Emperor Tiberius had built his palace and from where he ruled the Roman Empire.

From there he could see all the way to Rome

The Faraglioni

Blue Grotto

Then we can continue on to visit the Blue Grotto where a mystery light beams from below.

This is also the island of the Jet-Set society and their luxurious shopping.
It is now time to go to “the Piazzetta“ and have a Lemoncello while enjoying the view on the Sorrento Peninsola.

Who knows who we will see sitting at the next table?

The famous Blue Grotto

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