Montepulciano, ‘Home of the Noble Wines’

Come walk with me through my Montepulciano
Welcome to Montepulciano
A small hilltop town in the heart of Tuscany, home of the Noble wines
The land of the Nectar of the Gods
The first wines originated thousands of years ago far from here
This nectar is history, art, philosophy
Mysteriously linked to the history of man.
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Nowhere else in the world can you find a situation like this

The town and its Noble Palaces, along with its streets and Piazzas,  is on top of a hill and in the valley we can see the vineyards.  

It is interesting to visit the wine cellars which are among the most picturesque and historic and situated under the historical buildings.

The Cantinas are over 135 ft. below the main Square and streets and palaces of Montepulciano.

The first wines originated thousands of years ago far from here

It is here in Italy where the best wines are to be found.
4000 years ago the Greeks brought the first vines to Sicily, but it is with the Etruscans (a sophisticated peoples that preceded the Romans and merged in their culture with time) that the Nectar – WINE – was refined and they became great producers and exporters of wine all over the Mediterranean world.

However, It is in Italy where this Nectar continuously refined itself and played an important role in the history of man for the past 4000 years.
From North to South Italian wines are all excellent – from Sicily to the Northern Alps Italy is blessed with the most exceptional wines.
Did you ever ask yourselves why Italian wine is so god?
It could be for Italy’s Micro Climate, it is unique in that it has 4 distinct seasons every year and a rich geothermal land.
This, coupled with its location in the center of the Mediteranean Sea and its fragrances, makes this land an extremely fertile land – Just think of the excellence of the foods this land produces – they further enhance the flavors of the wines we drink.

Italy is a rich fertile land desired by all. It always has been.

If you are going to visit one Cantina, only one wine cellar in Italy – come with me, let me take You to the most unique and ancient wine cellar with the best grapes, Noble grapes.
This is a very particular location, It is called the Cantine Storiche De’ Ricci in Montepulciano. They are located beneath the famous De’Ricci Palace dating back to the 1100’s.

 The cellars themselves originated in 1336. Those were built on top of the original Etruscan Cellars dating back to over 2300 years ago.

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