Sicily, Europe’s most historical cosmopolitan Region, a real melting pot from pre-history

Let me introduce you to Sicily, a multiethnic, multicultural experience not to be missed. It is a hospitable land of fragrances, colors and historic contrasts.

Sicily, a mosaic of different peoples and origins

Phoenician, Mycenae, Greek, Roman, Arabic, Norman, Spanish, Austrian and many more prior to the indo-Europeans.

It was a natural stopping point for the peoples from the east of the Mediterranean to the west.

It was rich in minerals and a melting pot of knowledge and peoples.

There is no other place on earth like Sicily. It is not just an island. It is an entire world and a multicultural society from millenniums past.

The gods created Sicily and its surrounding minor islands, giving it sunshine and natural beauty.

 If you enjoy art, history, folklore, archeology, breathtaking scenery, good food and wine, minor islands, boating, and fabulous indescribable beaches, then this is your island. Castles, churches, temples, amphitheatres, arabesque domes and ceramics -this is your place.

See Punic Palermo, Greek/Roman Taormina, the Greek temples of Agrigento, medieval Monreale, the Greek Syracuse, the mosaics of Piazza Armerina, Trapani with its salt deposits, windmills and wine, Segesta and Silinunte and the Greek wines.

The cost of traveling is less expensive for Sicily for the island is unspoiled by large numbers of visitors and busses.

The Sicilian Pupi

The hidden marvels of Sicily

The Magic Aeolian Islands

It is time for another Virtual trip with

Do you have a few minutes of relax time? Lay back and get your glass of cold white Sicilian wine and enjoy.

I want to introduce you to an unknown paradise.

We are going to visit the 7 most beautiful pearls, seven minor islands off the Coast of Sicily of Vulcanic origin, unspoiled by time. the Aeolian Islands.

They are wild but tamed.

They are a synthesis of beauty unspoiled, Myth and history are intertwined … a Cultural Patrimony of UNESCO.

They were submarine volcanoes which emerged from the sea around 700.000 years ago- and today these 7 islands with diversified and rich flora and fauna are the most beautiful of all.

They are little worlds of their own. Their crytal clear waters are inviting us….

The colors are turquoise, dark blue, transparent.

This is where I vacation and I want to share them with you. Once one has experienced them, one needs to return. 

We  can relax, go boating, swimming, trekking,  bathing , deep sea diving among archeological treasures, eating.

It is all that unleashes the enjoyment of the senses…

FollowLaila and be seduced by these 7 most beautiful islands … as I was more than 30 years ago. 

The inhabitants are warm and welcoming and you feel like you belong and never want to leave.

MYTHOLOGY tells the stories of these beautiful seven sisters.

Zeus and Guno are the major gods in Olympus and control all happenings.

While Guno was very jelous because her husband Zeus was always chasing after young beauties, she tried her best to banish them all.

However, in the case of the seven beautiful sisters she was not successful. She threw them down from Olympus into the Mediterranean Sea next to Sicily where still today they shine like stars.

Let me introduce you to these marvelous islands, just a breast stroke away from each other.

They are all still active vulcanos, each one in her own way.

Lets start our journey…

LIPARI is the oldest and biggest, the most complete and mature, she encompassed all the characteristics of the others. Her waters are a myriad of colors and her flora an excess of variety which perfumes the air.  Today she is the most inhabited and important. Not far from Lipari is the island of Salina, very sophisticated.

SALINA is the beauty leisurely lying in the waters, her healthy breasts protruding from the warm, transparent waters. Her fertility is obvious and attracts. Lets visit the island with many contrasts.

VULCANO is in constant activity, hot and steaming, ready to erupt at any time. Her waters are bubbly and her activity is constant, creating a well being for all those that approach her waters.  Geysers in the ocean make it possible to bathe year around. The ancient natural spas and natural mud pools are in open air near the geysers waiting for us to enjoy the ancient mud baths and have fun doing it.   In contrast one may experience the deluxe health spas.

After such a rare little world we can visit PANAREA is definitely the most beautiful of all. She is small and inviting with her flora coloring a rainbow in the Mediterranean as she lays across the waters secure and smiling. She is the sexiest and fashionable chic.

STROMBOLI is outstanding and wild in the shape of a cone. She is constantly in eruption, an active vulcano that we all feel attracted to.   Her inhabitants refer to her as a god. Her coloring is dark like the night and stands in contrast with the fire bursting to the sky and sliding down her side to the waters.  Peace of mind is here.

There is not a pagan god or goddess more erotic than Stromboli. Stromboli is either loved or hated for she has a power beyond the rest.

Further away we visit FILICUDI is very wild and abrupt, hard to handle, surprising and varied in form. She is rich in life, home of the Dolfins that sing her song to the gods in Olympus, never abandoned and always sought after like a prize token.

She is tiny ALICUDI, she is completely wild, no cares, no worries, just wild and oblivious to all that surrounds her. She is the most secure and most difficult to reach as well as the most difficult to conquer.

These islands are magic. Now you have been seduced and will return. Our adventures of Virtual Travel in Italy with Followlaila will continue to other hidden treasures.


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