Siena is enchanting and beautiful


Siena was built on three hills and is surrounded by magnificent territory.

Siena is one of the most beautiful cities in the world; recognized for the quality of its monuments, it has managed to conserve its essence and its medieval appearance.

Siena is a distinctively original city, to the point that, as a whole, it can be considered to be the largest surviving medieval complex in Europe.
Its rival city was Florence, bigger and richer.

None the less, Siena had three Popes, two Saints and one of the most powerful banks in the world.

That rivalry left a rich cultural heritage in the two cities.

It gave rise to the banking industry, and built institutions that have thrived nearly 1000 yrs.
It welcomed artists, musicians, educators, and intellectuals the oldest continuing operating bank in the world, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, was founded in 1472.

Siena prospered in the Middle Ages for she was right on the Pilgrimage road from France to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

She is surrounded by a magnificent territory with natural hot springs, rich agricultural land and vineyards.

There was only one thing she was missing, water.

They knew the underground river of Diana was there. They looked for it for 1000 years and finally found it and proceeded to dig a tunnel and take the water to the main square where today you can see a beautiful fountain. The main square is called Campo Square and is in a form of a shell.

From the top of the hill to the depressed area of the Campo Square, the roads go in circles winding down to the Square and the fountain. This is very unique.
It is also remarkable to be able to trace the tunnels through Siena all the way to the Campo.

Another unique experience is the famous horse race twice a year, Palio di Siena.
It is an incredible event to experience for those who have a passion for history and want to know more about Siena, its districts, the politics of the event, and the winner’s prize.

Siena became a World Heritage Site in 1995.
It is truly intriguing.
Perhaps you want to come and discover Siena?

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