Discover Puglie Region.

Land of Pagan and Christian Traditions- Saracen, Greek, Tukish, Norman, Roman all within a few minutes drive.


Southern Italy was known as Magna Grecia or Greater Greece, because the first to occupy came from the Greek islands. Such crossroads created a very multiethnic historical map of the Region. Every 20 minutes one finds oneself in a totally different world. From one town to the next architecture, scenario and traditions are so different. Only if you come with me will you understand and really appreciate this land. It’s foods and wines are world renowned, it’s hospitality warm and enticing.
Ancient Taras (Taranto) was the capital of Magna Grecia born the same time as Rome. It was the only Spartan city in Magna Grecia. It was known for its exquisite art in gold and pottery, second to none. Taranto is also known for it’s famous sweet mussels due to a mix of sweet water and the sea. It is also the origin of the famous Tarantella dance, The Taranta.
Taranto is the Mystic and Pagan location of the Easter Rites.

Pagan Easter rites in ancient Taras (Taranto)

Pagan Easter rites in ancient Taras (Taranto)

Holy Week Rites are not to be missed. The famous Easter processions are mysterious, pagan and Christian and take place for 3 nights prior to Easter. Confraternities in pilgrimage of faith and penitence and passions of Christ walk the streets barefoot in their ancient attire clinging their chains while the crowds gather night after night.This must be witnessed for a simple story does not do it justice.
This is a unique experience rare to have and you are invited.
FollowLaila to this magic place of two oceans and you will forever remember this experience.
This is a Region of great contrasts so come with me, FollowLaila to Puglie, you will never forget it.


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