Sicily, Europe’s most historical cosmopolitan Region, a real melting pot from pre-history.

I show you to Sicily, experience its multicultur origins and importance in the world of yesterday and today.

Sicily, a mosaic of different peoples and origins; Phoenician, Mycenae, Greek, Roman, Arabic, Norman, Spanish, Austrian and many more prior to the indo-Europeans. It was a natural stopping point for the peoples from the east of the Mediterranean to the west. It was rich in minerals and a melting pot of knowledge and peoples.
There is no other place on earth like Sicily. It is not just an island. It is an entire world and a multicultural society from millenniums past. The gods created Sicily and its surrounding minor islands, giving it sunshine and natural beauty. If you enjoy art, history, folklore, archeology, breathtaking scenery, good food and wine, minor islands, boating, and fabulous indescribable beaches, then this is your island. Castles, churches, temples, amphitheatres, arabesque domes and ceramics -this is your place.


The Temple of Concordia in Agrigento

See Punic Palermo, Greek/Roman Taormina, the Greek temples of Agrigento, medieval Monreale, the Greek Syracuse, the mosaics of Piazza Armerina, Trapani with its salt deposits, windmills and wine, Segesta and Silinunte and the Greek wines. The cost of traveling is less expensive for Sicily for the island is unspoiled by large numbers of visitors and busses.


The Sicilian Pupi. Chronicles narrate that the founder of Opera in Catania was Gaetano Crimi, who opened his first theatre in 1835.

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