Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Capri

The land of Mythical Sirens and Jet Set society


A day of marvelous natural scenery begins by driving towards Sorrento along the coast.

The great attraction of this land is in its natural beauty. This is the land of Ulysses and the Sirens.

A rich geothermal area, rich in abundant eruptions, rich in passions and in history, home of the sacred and of the profane.

This is a land that has inspired writers and musicians and painters the whole world over.

The coastal road is one of the marvels of Italian scenery, citrus groves, vineyards, and olive  groves that softly pour down the slopes towards the sea. 

The road follows the tortuous coastline, where curve after curve opens up incredible views of the Gulf of Naples, Vesuvius and Capri. 

The coast is high, craggy and rocky, with sheer limestone cliffs that crumble into the sea, coves and rocky shores. We descend towards Sorrento on steep roads, lined by walls that protect the rich vegetation. 

We stop on several occasions for an incredible view. 

Finally we reach the haunting Sorrento Peninsula with its medieval watch towers and silver olive groves shimmering in the summer haze – this is the land of the Tarantella, of nativity scenes, of cameos and corals and of inlaid wood.

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Today the city and its Bay possess the same fascination that she had when Cicero and Lucullus built their homes there 2000 years ago.

We stop in Sorrento, home of the oldest inlaid wood factory in Europe, see the workmanship of the artisans, stop for a typical limoncello.

Leaving is always so difficult, but you will “Return to Sorrento”….melancholy will sink deep in your heart if you do not.  Enjoy your glass of Prosecco as you slip away silently.


We continue our voyage of the Sirens towards a little town on the hillside like a nativity scene.

Positano is so picturesque that it looks unreal with its houses clinging to the hillside.

The narrow streets lined with boutiques run downhill between the houses flowing onto the wide beach below. Yes, it is a dream place, and it’s yours.  Here you relax and take time for exploring and have lunch on our own.

Maybe take a dip in that blue and green water that is so inviting.

Across the way are three solitary rocky islands that were considered to be the dwellings of the Sirens, mythical figures that attracted seafarers with their chants, often causing them to wreck.

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After exploring this wonderful dream you are ready for more and so we travel towards famous Amalfi, a powerful marine republic in the Middle Ages and the oldest producers of paper in Europe dating back to the Middle Ages. By the 15th century the fame of Amalfi paper was such that many foreign authors demanded to be published in Naples so as to use the prized material.  

Once in Amalfi you will visit the 9th century cathedral that dominates from the top of its majestic stairs- time to explore its winding streets on your own. To return to the ship we travel along the mountain road where the first paper mills and pasta factories were.

From there, views of the whole Bay of Naples will capture your heart and you will promise yourself that you will return.


Off to Capri by private motorboat and skippers

Your skipper/captain will greet you with a glass of Neapolitan wine, goggles and a smile. 

Your fully equipped Yacht will take you on an excursion along the coast, pass the island of Ischia, see the Sorrento Peninsula and its drop into the sea, circumnavigate the isle of Capri, go swimming in its shimmering clear blue waters and then continue on to dock at the Yacht Harbour and by private vehicle to the top and visit the main square of Capri, the most famous piazza in the world, “La Piazzetta”.

Meander along the winding streets of Capri to Punta Tragara for incomparable scenery.

The melange of nature, jet-set society, art and culture make this the most celebrated island of them all. Here is the place where the Sirenes sang to Ulysses in the “Illiad”.  

Capri is truly a wonderful setting for shopping if you are looking for the latest designer garments, or precious jewellery as well as sipping on a limoncello in that open- air- salon, La Piazzetta, along with all the high society and its history.

At the yacht harbour your captain will be waiting for you with lunch on board. Following lunch, and  weather permitting, we will journey to the famous and incredible Blue Grotto and see the sparkling light rising from the depths. 

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 The silver blue light inside the grotto is an unbelievable show, but to enter we must lay low in a small row boat a few at a time. 

It is too beautiful and breath-taking for words.  If the weather or waves do not permit an easy entry then the excursion is postponed until your next trip.

Inebriated by all this enchanting beauty and charm you are welcomed aboard by the Captain for a return to your ship.

Enjoy the relaxation and the views of Capri disappearing in the distance.

Blue Grotto

Then we can continue on to visit the Blue Grotto where a mystery light beams from below.

This is also the island of the Jet-Set society and their luxurious shopping.

It is now time to go to “the Piazzetta“ and have a Lemoncello while enjoying the view on the Sorrento Peninsola.

Who knows who we will see sitting at the next table?

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